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Proposed actions

The Consultative Workshop identified a number of follow–up actions in order to finalise the set of indicators for pilot testing in selected countries:

1. The draft set of indicators will be further elaborated and refined by SEAMEO INNOTECH under the direction of Dr. Eligio Barsaga. The resulting set of indicators will then be validated by the participants and other resource persons through e-mail based consultations.

2. Based on the final and approved set of indicators, SEAMEO INNOTECH will prepare a reference manual which will be used in pilot testing the indicators.

3. The participants and resource persons will be involved in a continuous dialogue and discussion on the concept, definitions, elaboration, methods of refinement of indicators moderated by UNESCO through a bulletin board set up within the ICT for Education in Asia-Pacific website.

4. UNESCO will identify countries to pilot test the set of indicators based on the readiness and willingness of countries to participate. Some participating countries expressed desire to be included as pilot sites.

5. During the UNESCO-IITE Conference on ICT and Policy Development to be held in December, the set of indicators will be presented to high-level decision makers from the ministries of education to inform them, as well as to obtain their commitment and support in adopting and using the set of performance indicators.

6. Participants are requested to inform their educational policy makers of the purpose and outcome of the Consultative Workshop on Developing Performance Indicators on ICT for education to be followed by orientation or briefing by UNESCO to the countries.

7. UNESCO, IITE and SEAMEO INNOTECH will initiate drafting the terms of reference for database development for storing ICT indicators data.