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Regional Workshop on ICT for Community Empowerment through NFE

Vientiane, Lao PDR

For the last year, the Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All (APPEAL) has been supporting five countries (Indonesia, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uzbekistan) to implement pilot projects that use ICT as a tool through Non-formal education (NFE) for community empowerment. Now moving into it's second phase, the project will continue to support those countries for another year, and also take on five more countries, carrying out pilot projects for community people in China, India, Iran, the Philippines and Viet Nam.

This regional workshop (22-25th June 2004) provided a plaform from which the first five countries shared experiences with the five new countries. The Workshop also served to identify the needs and strategies for the capacity building of project personnel and community people in the new countries, as well as further developing strategies for effectively implementing the project, and concrete action plans.


  • Lessons learnt on the use of effective ICT tools for community empowerment from the first five countries compiled and the project proposal for the new five countries revised.
  • The needs and strategies for the capacity building of project personnel and community people identified.
  • Strategies for effectively implementing the ICT project through NFE for community empowerment developed.
  • Concrete action plans of participating countries developed. 


Day 1:
Opening and introduction of participants and resource persons
Overview of the project on ICT for community empowerment through NFE
Best practices in implementing ICT through NFE and  sharing country experiences and studies


Day 2:
Field visit


Day 3:
Identification of capacity building needs and development of strategies
Development of effective strategies for implementation of the ICT project
Revision of project proposal (for the newly joining countries) and improvement of current implementation (for the countries currently implementing the project) 


Day 4: 
Formulation of country action plans 

Country Presentations

Project in a nutshell: Computer Software Development for Literacy/Post-Literacy Learning and Training for Literacy Teachers
Implemented by the State Resource Centre, Rajasthan Adult Education Association, Jaipur India

Learning Technology for a Better Life: Taking Literacy to the Theshold of ICT
Implemented by the State Resource Centre, Rajasthan Adult Education
Association, Jaipur India (National Literacy Mission)

ICT Based Non-Formal Education
plemented by the Ministry of National Education, Indonesia

Shahkooh and Gharnabad - The First and Second Internet Villages In Iran
Presented by Ali A. Jalali, Ph.D. - Iran University of Science and Technology

ICT for Community Empowerment through NFE in Lao PDR
Implemented by NFE Department, Vientiane province, VangVieng District and Ban Phahome and Namone Neua

Joint project on Literacy Development through Computer Software and Training for Literacy Development

Sri Lanka
Multipurpose Community Telecentres for Community Empowerment

ICT for community empowerment and extending connectivity of rural people: learning experience from Thailand
Presented by Dr. Suchin Petcharugsa, Northern Region Non-formal Education, Lampang Office of Non-formal Education Commission Ministry of Education, Thailand

Project on ICT application for community empowerment through Non–Formal Education in Uzbekistan


UNESCO Presentations

Community Empowerment

Monitoring and Evaluation

ICT Policy and Supporting Environment

by Cedric Wachholz, Focal Point for ICT in Education, UNESCO Bangkok


List of participants (Word document)


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