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The UNESCO "ICT in Education Policy" project aims to promote appropriate policy models and strategies for the integration of ICT into education in the Asia-Pacific region, with special emphasis on developing policies which utilize ICT to remove barriers to participation in education and enhance the quality of education.

This project aims to:

  • Enhance the awareness of decision makers of the pros and cons of using ICT in education.
  • At the national level, strengthen the capacity of decision-makers to develop, implement and monitor appropriate "ICT in Education" policies and plans.

The situations and needs of the various Asia-Pacific countries differ widely. These differences affect how the "ICT in Education Policy" project is implemented in these countries.

The project began in 2003. The first phase of the project (Phase I: 2003 to early 2004) involved assessing the needs of policy makers in the Asia-Pacific region and determining in what areas UNESCO could provide assistance.

  • Phase II of the project (2004 to mid 2005) focused on developing the ICT in Education Policy Makers' Toolkit.
  • Phase III of the project (mid 2005 to end 2011) is concentrating on demonstrating to education policy makers and planners how to utilize the Toolkit.

Further information about the "ICT in Education Policy" project: