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TV programs available to K-science participants

The Taste of Korea

The Taste of Korea is an invitation to a gastronomic tour of Korea, featuring the savory and exquisite cuisine from cities and provinces across the country. The people who handle the food from the farm or water to the dining table - farmers, fisherfolk, cooks and restaurateurs – share the science behind preparing each Korean dish, having been passed on from generation to generation. Culinary and nutrition experts also explain why Korean food is such a treat to the taste buds while at the same time contributing to good health.

Exploring Korean History

A glimpse of Ancient Korea through a closer look at historical objects and cultural heritage, Exploring Korean History serves as a virtual museum that showcases important historical artifacts of Korea, inventions and traditions that live on to this day. In each episode, artisans and experts alike talk in detail about the origin and relevance of each historical or cultural item. Using a scientific approach, they also discover new information that explain mysterious circumstances surrounding these remnants of history.

Science Class

Science comes alive in this virtual tour of Korea’s Gwacheon National Science Museum. Each episode consists of fun and engaging ways on learning fundamentals of science, and is divided in three segments: 1) kids working on science experiments and mini-projects; 2) experts, teachers, and curators explain scientific phenomena through simulation and exhibits at the Science Museum; 3) a segment on science trivia where intriguing questions are answered, myths dispelled, and everyday science is featured. Special episodes showcase a science project contest for students as well as visits to other prominent science museums in Korea.


Television channels (public, non-profit) in Asia and the Pacific can avail of the above mentioned TV programs free of charge by participating in the project.  For further details or inquiries, please send an email to a.mejia(at)