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  • Infrastructure - To supply and equip departments or commissions of TVE, vocational education and training institutions, curriculum development centres with suitable computer equipment, Internet and multi-media software;
  • Capacity building - To provide training in their use to directors, principals, curriculum developers, vocational teacher trainers; and
  • Access - To expand access to teaching and learning materials and to enrich delivery of TVE.

Key results to date

Situation analysis conducted

Since the official launching of the project in December 2003, a situation analysis of ICT infrastructure has been conducted, along with a planning meeting. The report of the situation analysis reviews the current status of ICT
equipment and related infrastructure in TVE departments in the project countries, and presents the equipment needs.

Planning meeting held - February 2004

Attended by 21 participants from the seven beneficiary countries, the meeting helped to familiarize the participants with the project, expectations and expected results. In addition, the participants were acquainted with several experiences of the application of ICT in the delivery of TVE. They pledged to select contact points for the project upon their return to their countries. The identification of training needs was initiated; and the equipments needs were
confirmed. The participants left the planning meeting with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the satisfactory and timely implementation of the project.