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ICT Infrastructure in Departments of TVE in Beneficiary Countries

After a Report on Situation Analysis of ICT Infrastructure in Departments of TVE in Beneficiary Countries – The Findings by Perminda Fernanda, representatives of each country worked together to:

  1. Validate the information and make corrections/additions
  2. Identify the countries strengths and weaknesses in ICT infrastructure
  3. Begin to prioritize the needs for improvement.

The outcomes of this activity are reported in the following tables.




·      Apologised for not supplying the required information, the questionnaire will be supplied within one week of return to home country.



·      Have supplied computers from own funds

·      New technical institute to deliver IT programs proposed

·      Lack of trained personnel in ICT

·      Lack of ICT knowledge in top level management

·      Lack of computers for trained staff

Priorities for Improvement

·      Train management personnel in ICT

·      Training of trainers

·      Every institute to have an IT lab, PCs and technicians





·      Corrections identified



·      Department has adequate number of computers

·      All staff have access to the internet

·      Good skills in basic computer operations

·      Adequate number of staff in departments to handle information

·      Good policy support from government

·      Adequate budget support for maintenance

·      Required software in place

·      Inadequate PCs in TVE institutes

·      Lack of teaching and learning facilities in institutes

·      MIS in infant stage

·      Few teachers can use computer aids

·      Lack of teacher training program in computer applications

·      Lack of ICT specialists in institutes

·      Lack of LAN services in institutes

Priorities for Improvement

·      Hardware needs to be in place including LAN

·      Teachers need training

·      Review curriculum – teacher training curriculum development

·      Setting up MIS using IT






·      Corrections provided



·      Infrastructure such as LAN, computers, internet connectivity and other equipment is in place

·      Human resources with computer skills and knowledge

·      Computer trouble-shooting

·      Support from the Ministry

·      Staff for maintenance of infrastructure

·      English language

·      Insufficient infrastructure and out of date computers (LAN, server)

·      Small and unreliable budget for maintenance of infrastructure

·      Limited knowledge of computer programs and new software

·      Lack of network between department and other public training institutions

·      Lack of any formal training plan for upgrading computer skill and knowledge

Priorities for Improvement

·      Upgrade infrastructure and computers (LAN, sever, software …)

·      Train staff with new skill and knowledge of computer

·      Installation of network within TVET institution

·      Develop website for department

·      Increase budget for maintenance

·      Train TVET institution managers, instructors and staff






·      Corrections identified



·      Use of ICT amongst policy makers

·      Ministry of Education has IT masterplan

·      Vocational Education Development Centre established, is connected to international networks

·      Lack of qualified staff in TVE

·      Lack of budget

·      Lack of infrastructure

·      Lack of PCs in TVE institutes

Priorities for Improvement

·      Upgrade existing equipment

·      Provide PCs to TVE institutes

·      Provide teacher training in the use of IT in education

·      Build WAN between TVE institutes









·      ICT development department established

·      Government committed to ICT development

·      Lots of computer technicians


Priorities for Improvement

·      Server required

·      Windows NT

·      Conference room for e-learning

·      More computers for institutes (HDD)

·      More computers for office management






·      Will update numbers and send



·      Highly motivated personnel

·      Well equipped, internet connected labs

·      Good relationship with teacher training organizations and development centres

·      Have identified donors who may assist in building infrastructure

·      Many people interested in computers

·      Lack of ICT provision in school education

·      Centralized access to ICT (restricted to divisional heads)

·      Skilled people often transferred to another department

·      Lack of technical knowledge in maintenance and updating of computers

·      Lack of awareness of ICT in rural areas

Priorities for Improvement

·      Link ICT with school level vocational programs and teacher training programmes

·      Equip  central department

·      Trained ICT personnel




Viet Nam





·      Government and Ministry committed to the development of a masterplan

·      All staff in TVE have basic computer skills

·      Communications infrastructure reasonably good

·      Communication in English is rather poor

·      Access to the internet is quite low

·      LAN not available in most institutions

·      Limited resources and allocation

·      Training materials

Priorities for Improvement

·      Supply e-learning system for TVE

·      Set up MIS for TVE

·      Funding for translation

·      Supply training materials in ICT

·      Supply accessories e.g. cameras, scanners

·      Training support to train key teachers

·      Management training in ICT in TVE


In summing up this session, Fernando Perminda suggested that the priority needs for TVE systems included:

  • One PC per staff member in Head Office
  • LAN required for MIS, data management in a networked environment
  • Server to house all information in a standard manner with security
  • Modems for internet connection
  • Email for cheap, fast communication.