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The 4th Deans’ Forum

Scaling Up of the Next Generation of Teachers Project
Supported by Japanese Funds-In-Trust (JFIT) and Microsoft

Bangkok, Thailand, 29-30 June 2009


UNESCO Bangkok, with funding support from the Japanese-Funds-in-Trust (JFIT), is continuing to support a network of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in the Asia-Pacific region to build their capacity to prepare the next generation of teachers that are confident to use technology. The key word here is “institutional capacity”, which is the reason why the heads of institutions, specifically the deans are gathering for this meeting.

The Fourth Deans’ Forum, sponsored by Microsoft, welcomed back 15 TEIs that originally participated in the project from 2006-2008 and introduced 27 new members that are eager to join the Next Gen network. There was an increase in participation from 2006-2008 that attracted 30 institutions and10 countries, to 42 institutions and 15 countries this year.

Given the international nature of the meeting, sharing of experiences topped the agenda. Presentations from 15 TEIs gave a special focus on institutional changes that have happened, or are still happening as a result of their participation in the Next Gen project. Many TEIs have introduced training seminars and follow-up activities to Microsoft’s Peer Coaching Programme. Other institutions systematized the offer of ICT courses either by integrating it in the various subjects, or making it a separate subject. A few were successful at achieving “institutionalization” by selling their ideas to top level decision makers in their institutions and making it a part of their institutional development plan. There were even innovative initiatives such as using the peer-coaching approach to interactive whiteboard training. In other words, it was a productive sharing exercise that left many deans and senior representatives of TEIs from 15 countries reflecting on the state of their institutions compared to others.

 The second major agenda was “planning together” with UNESCO Bangkok. UNESCO Bangkok and partners such as Microsoft and Intel presented various activities the TEIs can participate in. There was a curriculum development workshop, ICT-pedagogy integration workshops, Peer Coaching Programme, TEI toolkit development and Intel Teach Programme available. After each TEIs identified their needs or interests, each country was asked to come up with “country action plans” to help UNESCO Bangkok and partners plan the next two years in the most efficient way. However, given the high demand for activities/ assistance but with meagre resources, TEIs were also requested to identify complementary institutional resources, financial or otherwise, to show their commitment as a partner.

The Fourth Deans Forum took place at the Imperials Queens’ Park Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand 29-30 June 2009.

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