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Case studies on pre-service teacher training in the Asia-Pacific region

As part of the UNESCO Next Generation of Teachers project, a survey was conducted to examine the present level (2005) of provision of ICT training for teachers, specifically in pre-service teacher education, in six countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently the 45 countries in the region have a wide range of policies with regard to ICT in education. While some countries have yet to fully develop an ICT-in-Education policy, others are upgrading longstanding policies. These variations in ICT take-up have had an influence on the scale of provision of training for pre-service teachers in ICT operations and in the use of ICT as a teaching and learning tool.

The survey examined all forms of ICT currently in use in education, including radio, television, video and computers. Aside from training received by teachers in Teacher Education Institutes, the survey also examined whether distance-education programmes were provided.

As a result of the survey, six case studies were prepared which provide an overview of the state of affairs in the six respective countries as regards pre-service teacher training in ICT.

These case studies are the initial stage of the needs-assessment that will be conducted as part of the Next Generation of Teachers (Next Gen) project.

Case studies: