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Next Gen Scaling-Up Programme

The Next Generation of Teachers Project (Next Gen) aims to build the institutional capacity of teacher education institutions (TEIs) in the Asia-Pacific region by designing and providing training courses on ICT-pedagogy integration, thereby preparing the next generation of teachers  to enhance the process of teaching and learning by utilizing ICT judiciously in the classroom.

Capitalizing on the experience gained from the first phase of the Next Gen project, the scaling–up programme aims to increase the number of participating countries and TEIs in the following activities:

  • a. Enhancing the leadership of deans and directors of TEIs in planning and creating an ICT-based teacher training environment, managing ICT-related training programmes and supporting instructors’ professional development;

  • b. Catalyzing the efforts of TEIs self-led ICT-related curriculum reform for pre-service teachers;

  • c. Building the capacity of teacher educators in designing, providing and managing teacher training activities on ICT-pedagogy integration, and facilitating their collective professional development on ICT-integration.