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Training and Professional Development of Teachers and Other Facilitators for Effective Use of ICTs in Improving Teaching and Learning

Teacher Training Workshop
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This project aims to improve the capabilities of pre-service and inservice teachers and facilitators to utilize ICT as pedagogical tools and educational resources.

Project status: Completed

Training Teachers to Integrate ICT into Education

The "Training and Professional Development of Teachers and Other Facilitators for Effective Use of ICT in Improving Teaching and Learning" project involves training teachers to create lesson plans utilizing ICT and to use educational software. A regional online teacher resource base has been developed and implemented and a network of teacher-training institutions has been established so that teachers can share their education courseware and innovative practices.

Some of the expected results include, a set of prototype course materials on integrating technology with pedagogy produced; a regional pedagogical ICT in education "toolbox" developed; training of teacher trainers (master teachers and facilitators in the 10 participating countries trained in effective use of ICT for educational purposes); and country-specific pedagogies for active learning with ICT developed and pilot tested.

Project details

Participating countries in the Asia-Pacific region
Afghanistan, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kazakhastan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Target beneficiaries and partners
Teachers, school administrators, education policy makers, and other facilitators of ICT use in education.

Funded by the Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT)


For full details of the project, including the context, aims, strategy and anticipated outcomes, please refer to the Project Description (PDF, 43KB).

This project is being implemented through the Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation in Development (APEID) at the UNESCO Bangkok office, in close collaboration with UNESCO cluster and country offices and with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the participating countries.

For further information about the project contact Molly Lee, Chief, APEID Unit.