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Workshop on the Development of Guidelines on Teacher Training in ICT Integration and Standards for Competency: 27-29 September 2003

Beijing, China

In the follow up to the Expert’s Meeting, a workshop on the Development of Guidelines on Teacher Training in ICT integration and Standard for Competency in ICT was held.

The objectives behind the workshop were threefold:

  • To develop a regional guideline and conceptual curriculum framework for teachers to help them really integrate ICTs within education for improved teaching and learning.
  • To outline competency-based standards, which can be adapted to national contexts as references in ICT training modules
  • To develop a plan for adaptation and development of teacher training modules (through a team approach) for capacity building in technology-pedagogy integration through 'training of trainers' workshops at national and regional levels.

As the nature and scale of the project necessitates multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary team work, experts were chosen from wide-ranging countries and organisations, with respective expertise and experience in ICT in education projects, technology-infused trainers programmes, educational technology standards, production of multi-media teacher training materials, and ICT provision for educational purposes.

A total of around 12-15 experts were invited.

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