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Meeting with Key Players in ICT and Teacher Training: 9-10 May 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

In recent years there have been numerous efforts and resources directed at improving teachers’ competence and confidence in using ICT effectively in classroom teaching and learning.

Several ministries of education are developing policies on ICT in education and running in-service programmes for practicing teachers; teacher-training institutes are incorporating ICT education in their pre-service programmes; many schools are organizing in-house school-based training for their teachers; and an increasing number of private providers are developing ICT training materials and courses for teachers.

In this process, a variety of training modules, materials, documents, courses, programmes and other resources have been developed to meet the needs of policy makers, school administrators, and teachers for the use of ICT in education. Proper cooperation among these key players, however, has to be further developed to make good use of the various resources available.

To initiate a dialogue among the key players for cooperation in implementing the ICT in Teacher Training Project managed by UNESCO Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), a meeting had been organised on 9-10 May 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The meeting was attended by twelve representatives from ten organizations that are already active in training the teachers at various levels for ICT skills and ICT integration in teaching and learning. This meeting has enhanced the intention of cooperation between the UNESCO Bangkok and the various key players in capacity building of teachers, teacher educators and other facilitators for ICT integration in teaching and learning. More specifically it has ensured cooperation in information sharing. It has also initiated a dialogue among them for cooperation in implementing the training programmes of the ICT in Teacher Training project of the UNESCO Bangkok.