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A conceptual and curriculum framework for the infusion of ICT in teacher education
The Experts Meeting on Teachers/Facilitators Training in Technology-Pedagogy Integration: Building Capacity of Teachers/Facilitators in Technology-Pedagogy Integration for Improved Teaching and Learning was organised from 18-21 June 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand to initiate the development of this curriculum framework.

The Workshop on the Development of a Guideline on Teacher Training in ICT integration and Standards for Competency in ICT in September 2003 in Beijing, China, continued this development. During this latter Meeting, a regional guideline was developed and the conceptual curriculum framework for teachers was further enhanced to help teachers really integrate ICTs within education for improved teaching and learning.

Plan and contracted work for adaptation and development of teacher-training modules
This plan was developed at the 2003 September Workshop in Beijing. The idea is that through a team approach the modules will be adapted for capacity building in technology-pedagogy integration through 'training of trainers' workshops at national and regional levels. Contracts have been made for modules on such cross-cutting themes as four pillars of learning
through ICT application/integration. The development of materials will involve various stages, with phases to include analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

Regional guideline and standards for teacher ICT competency
The 2003 September Workshop also involved the outlining of competency-based standards which can be adapted to national contexts as references in ICT training modules. These standards were developed further at the March 2004 Workshop for Writing a Regional Guideline and Standards for Teacher ICT Competency, to be used for recognition and certification of levels of teachers/facilitators' competency in technologypedagogy integration at different stages. In addition, a regional guideline for teachers and other facilitators in integrating ICT in education was developed that is adaptable to the national/local contexts of Asia-Pacific countries.

A regional 'training of trainers' workshop for project country team leaders was organised during 24-26 June 2004 to plan the national/local training workshops for the capacity building of teacher educators and master teachers in ICT integration in teaching-learning processes.

Expert Meeting on Training Modules on the Effective Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning was organized during 20-21 January 2005 at Bangkok, Thailand to finalise the regional guidelines, the competency-based standards for ICT-pedagogy integration and the training workshops for country teams. Nineteen experts participated in the expert meeting.

Collaborating with Private Providers in Training the Teachers and Teacher Educators for ICT-Pedagogy Integration: To make use of the resources already available, a meeting with the private providers who already operate in the area of ICT-pedagogy integration, has been scheduled for 9-10 May 2005 at UNESCO Bangkok.