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First National Training Workshop for Teacher Educators

6-10 June 2005, Penang, Malaysia

The first National Training Workshop for Teacher Educators was held from 6 to 10 June 2005 in Penang, Malaysia. The workshop was organized by the UNESCO "ICT in Education" Unit in cooperation with the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics (RECSAM) in Penang.

20 teacher educators from teacher-training colleges and universities in Malaysia participated in the workshop. Participants were given hands-on training in the integration of ICT into teaching.

A representative from the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (Teacher Education Division) attended the workshop to observe the final day, which focused on examples of successful implementation of ICT in the classroom.

The trainees identified the following as action plans for the future:

  • Producing more training modules on ICT-Pedagogy integration.
  • Revising the current syllabuses for teacher training colleges to add the inputs from UNESCO Bangkok.
  • Establishing an ICT-pedagogy committee in teacher training colleges with membership from all departments of the institution.
  • Conducting short courses for administrators and school heads on this topic.
  • Evaluating the materials available for use from the various ICT-pedagogy integration projects.
  • Strengthening the professional development of teacher educators by learning more about new technologies.
  • Sharing and contributing educational material via online forums.
  • Developing digital resources.
  • Conducting institution-level awareness programmes.
  • Conducting pilot studies on ICT-Pedagogy integration.
  • Organising conferences and bringing out publications on this topic
  • Forming a Malaysian Association of Teacher Educators to promote the effective use of ICT in classrooms.
  • Offering professional development activities through this association.

It is expected that when these highly motivated teacher educators go back to their institutions they will become the change agents there and will promote a conducive environment for integrating ICT into teaching and learning and enthuse many more colleagues.