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UNESCO has three databases relating to ICT in Education. These are the "News & Events" database; "Projects" database; and "Resources" database. These are updated monthly and the latest information is sent to subscribers of our "Announcement e-newsletter".

News & Events

This database contains news and events (meetings, conferences, launching of new projects, launching of a new publication, research findings, exhibitions, etc.) on ICT in Education in Asia and the Pacific and regions of the world.  To view the "ICT in Education" news and events, click here.


This database contains descriptions and profile of programmes and projects dealing with the use of ICT in various components of education (policy and strategy development, professional development, website development, e-learning, distance learning, curriculum and materials development, etc.) in Asia and the Pacific and other regions of the world. To view information about "ICT in Education" projects, click here.


This database contains various types of information resources such as article, research report, policy paper, speech, book, newsletter, journal, website, videos, database, etc. on the use of ICT in various aspects of education such as policy and strategy, programmes, use of ICT in primary, secondary and tertiary schools, curriculum development, professional development, research and evaluation.
To view information about "ICT in Education" resources and teaching materials, click here.