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A 3D NASA exploration game

Moonbase Alpha is an online game which combines aspects of traditional formal education with game-based learning to teach science, technology, and engineering concepts to students.

In Moonbase Alpha, commercial-quality gaming technology is combined with accurate physics rendering and real NASA technology to provide a virtual world that can be used to deepen students’ understanding of key concepts and improve their teamwork skills.

In the game scenario, a meteorite strikes a lunar outpost on the Moon, disabling critical systems that supply oxygen to the astronauts’ living quarters. Teams of students will be challenged to repair the damaged systems in order to restore oxygen production capability to the lunar outpost.

Learning about science and space may be more engaging for students. Throughout the game, students will learn about the moon, lunar exploration, gravity, energy, life support systems, and engineering. They will also use multimedia resources, such as interactive software with graphical interfaces, to demonstrate their proficiency in the use of technology.

Moonbase Alpha game is available for free download from the website, together with manual and educator guide.