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Animated Science

Animated Science is a website where you can find various interesting collections of:

  • images for constructing science resources,
  • fun games some with a science aspect”,
  • Animations made by the author, Daniel Powell,
  • Videos of some animals the author has met during his travels.

For instance, as mentioned in Derek’s blog (, you can find a “fun and easy to use introduction to the orchestra for students”, which combines “the full sound of an orchestra playing with a number of interactive quizzes” (animated guide to the orchestra).

You can also fight against the wind speed and find the waste paper basket, read an Icons Story on XP Pro or play Animata Design Flash Games for instance.

Moreover, a private virtual learning resource is also available for associates of Animated Science as well as a fully featured FLV player with lots of movies online.

For more information, please feel free to visit Animated Science at: