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COL Certificate for teachers’ ICT integration

Certificate program for teachers’ ICT integration (CCTI) is a free eLearning course which helps teachers to acquire skills and competencies on information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching and management. The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) developed CCTI in collaboration with SchoolNet SA.

There are four core modules (Learning, teaching and thinking with ICT, ICT in schools, ICT and the roles of the educator, Assessing ICT integration) and six elective module sets (Finding, evaluating and developing digital subject resources, Project approaches to learning with ICT, eLearning in the connected classroom, Managing learning and teaching with ICT, ICT leadership in schools, ICT planning for schools). 

Each module has several activities, and each activity contains reading, summary of theories, and Questions &Answers sessions. Learners can find their immediate objectives after each activity at ‘learning pathway’. Students will get advanced certificate qualification by assessment of submission of assignment, Portfolio assessment by tutor.

The eLearning course is available on CD-ROM or online.