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Fast Car: Travelling safely around the world

The Fast Car: Travelling Safely around the World, a racing game that helps the game players to learn about HIV and AIDS prevention and takes them on a tour of some of the World's Heritage sites.

The computer game was originally produced in English and has been recently translated into Chinese language by UNESCO office in Beijing.

The game aims to provide young people with accurate and reliable information about HIV prevention, intending to educate and entertain as well as promoting healthy behaviour. In this game, the player can race on circuits on five continents, and virtually visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.  

The game is expected to be used to promote dialogue, especially balanced-gender relations, and self-expression as well as present and share science content.  

The game is also available in French and Russian. 

For further information about the Chinese version of the game, please contact: Li Hongyan, UNESCO Beijing at (