Follow Us: Living with technology

Teachtoday is a new resource for teachers, head teachers, school administrators and educators of all kinds. The site contains advice and information on new technologies in education and how to use them effectively and, most importantly, safely. Although the site is based in the UK and targeted toward teachers in the EU, the advice they give and the issues they discuss are universal since many of the problems that come along with new technologies affect schools and students in the same way, regardless of location.

Teachtoday has sections on

  • Teacher Advice (advice on protecting privacy, maintaining professional boundaries and dealing with various problems like cyberbullying)

  • Student Advice (info on promoting the positive aspects of technology to students)

  • Impact on Schools (advice on policy-making in terms of technologies in the school)

  • Technology Today (summaries on the newest developments in technology which will affect students and teachers)

  • Case Studies (examples of misuses of technology and advice about how to deal with the situations)

As technology develops, we are increasingly responsible for making sure that we utilize it in effective ways to enhance our children’s lives. However, we are also increasingly responsible for protecting our children from the new threats which can arise. This site is a great resource to help teachers and administrators do just that.