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TOUCH Cyber Wellness

(by Anita Low and Chong Ee Jay)

TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW) is a key service of TOUCH Community Services – one of the largest multi-service Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) in Singapore. TCW is strongly supported and recognised by Singapore’s governing ministries, such as the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Media Literacy Council and the Media Development Authority, for being the trailblazer and active contributor to cyber wellness and media literacy education in Singapore.   

TCW works closely with youths, educators and parents to cultivate respect, a balanced lifestyle, and responsible use of digital technologies to affect a positive and healthy cyber culture at home, in school and community.

Since 2001, TCW’s dynamic youth coaches have worked actively to promote cyber wellness, healthy gaming and online safety, reaching out annually to more than 120 schools and some 150,000 youths, parents, educators and counsellors through its action-research and evidence-based cyber wellness education programmes.

At its very own PlanetCRUSH Cyber Wellness Centres, TCW provides a healthy environment for youth mentoring groups, engaging workshops for youths and adults, as well as easy access to families and counsellors for consultations on cyber-related matters. 

TCW is also the key agency in Singapore providing counselling on cyber wellness issues through its research-validated cyber wellness counselling approach and programmes. In light of this, TCW is the Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) selected agency for School Counsellors’ Training and Social Service Institute’s(SSI) sole agency in providing training courses for Social Work Practitioners on intervention methods for cyber related issues. 

In terms of resources, TCW has developed a cyber wellness app for parents (notAnoobie) - a first of its kind in Singapore, providing a dedicated counselling hotline service (1800 377 2252 and and several published resource books for parents and youths.methods for cyber related issues. 



TCW also collaborates with like-minded agencies and corporations to promote cyber wellness efforts in Singapore. In their latest strategic partnerships, TCW pioneered into new areas and needs, developing cyber wellness curriculum for the preschoolers and special needs students. 



On the international front, TCW has partnered with academic institutions in China and 

Indonesia to conduct digital citizenship education and equipping programmes for students and professionals.

In 2011, TCW was awarded the Singapore Youth Award, the nation's highest youth accolade under the Community & Youth Services Team Category, in recognition of its commitment in encouraging holistic youth development through promoting cyber wellness, healthy gaming and online safety. 


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