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Developing and Using Indicators of ICT Use in Education

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Compiled by UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology, Metro Manila, Philippines
2003, 39p.




Section 1: Introduction: Indicators and Rationale of Use (PDF, 17KB)
Section 2: Using Indicators to Assess Impact of ICT in Education (PDF, 42KB)
Section 3: Methods of Collecting Indicators (PDF, 18KB)
Section 4: Various Software or Database Systems for Storing Indicators (PDF, 13KB)

Attachment I: ICT Indicators Used in Different Countries (PDF, 50KB)
Attachment II: Comparison of ICT Indicator Themes in Selected Countries (PDF, 31KB)
Attachment III: Studies on the Use and Impact of ICT in Education (PDF, 28KB)