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Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects: A Handbook for Developing Countries

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Pre-publication draft for circulation at the World Summit on the Information Society (Tunis, November 2005), prepared by infoDev, 2005.

Authors: Daniel A. Wagner, Bob Day, Tina James, Robert B. Kozma, Jonathan Miller & Tim Unwin

This publication – Monitoring and Evaluation of ICTs in Education: A Handbook for Developing Countries – is intended as an introduction and guide for busy policymakers and practitioners grappling with how to understand and assess the ICT-related investments underway in the education sector. This short but comprehensive work is specifically designed to meet the needs of developing countries, and it is hoped that its publication will help to stimulate further efforts in this emerging and very important field.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements iii
Boxes, Figures and Tables iv
Preface.  vii
Chapter 1. Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT for Education: An Introduction.  1
Chapter 2. Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT for Education Impact: A Review  19
Chapter 3. Core Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation Studies for ICT in Education  35
Chapter 4. Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for ICT in Education  57
Chapter 5. Capacity Building and Management in ICT for Education 77
Chapter 6. Pro-Equity Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation: Gender, Marginalized Groups and Special Needs Populations  93
Chapter 7. Dos and Don'ts in Monitoring and Evaluation  111
References 123
Annex 133
Author bios 137