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Initiating and Managing SchoolNets: Lessons Learned Vol. 3

This publication is the third in the ICT in Education Lessons Learned series. This volume provides an overall summary of the lessons learned during the implementation of the UNESCO SchoolNet project, “Strengthening the Use of ICT in Schools and SchoolNet in the ASEAN Context”, which was funded by Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT) and the ASEAN Foundation.

Experiences and lessons learned through the project have been drawn out and summarized in this publication to provide guidance for educators and others involved in initiating or managing national and international SchoolNets, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Beginning with an overview of SchoolNets, what they are and why they are set up, this book then briefly describes the UNESCO SchoolNet project’s objectives and key outcomes. Next, a number of examples of existing SchoolNets are provided and the features of successful SchoolNets are identified. Following this, the main factors to be considered when initiating and managing a SchoolNet are examined; with each factor explained using examples drawn from the UNESCO SchoolNet project and existing SchoolNets. In the final chapter, the lessons-learned about initiating and managing SchoolNets are summarized.

Editor: Ellie Meleisea
UNESCO Bangkok, 2007, 70p.
ISBN 92-9223-111-1

Download the whole report (PDF 2.4MB)

Preface (PDF, 429KB)
Introduction (PDF, 151KB)
Chapter 1. What is a SchoolNet?  (PDF, 125KB)
Chapter 2. Why set up SchoolNets? (PDF, 125KB
Chapter 3. The UNESCO SchoolNet project (PDF, 168KB
Chapter 4. Examples of SchoolNets (PDF, 255KB)
Chapter 5. What makes a SchoolNet successful and sustainable? (PDF, 142KB)
Chapter 6. Initiating and managing a SchoolNet (PDF, 839KB
 6.1  Prepare the foundation of the SchoolNet 
 6.2  Establish partnerships 
 6.3 Acquire funding, ICT tools, digital resources and technical support 
 6.4 Build the capacity of teachers  
 6.5 Initiate telecollaboration and other online learning activities 
Chapter 7. Summary of Lessons Learned (PDF, 204KB
References  (PDF, 128KB)
Links to further information (PDF, 82KB)

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