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Training of Teachers

This section of the elibrary contains publications relating to the "Training of Teachers" theme.

ICT Transforming Education - A Regional Guide

UNESCO Bangkok 2010, 120 p.

ISBN 978-92-9223-325-9 (Print version)

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ICT in Teacher Education: Case Studies from the Asia-Pacific Region

UNESCO Bangkok 2007, 130p

ISBN 978-92-9223-151-4 (Print version)

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Workshop on the Development of Guidelines on Teacher Training in ICT Integration and Standards for Competency in ICT

UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 29p.
ISBN 92-9223-016-6


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Building Capacity of Teachers/Facilitators in Technology-Pedagogy Integration for Improved Teaching and Learning

UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 72p.
ISBN 92-9223-019-0


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Regional Guidelines on Teacher Development for Pedagogy-Technology Integration (Working Draft)

Based on a Series of Workshops in Pedagogy-Technology Integration
UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 100p.


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Teacher Training on ICT Use in Education in Asia and the Pacific: Overview from Selected Countries

Information Repackaging Series, No. 1
Experts Meeting on Teachers/Facilitators Training in Technology-Pedagogy Integration, Bangkok, 18-20 June 2003.
UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, 2003, 52 p.


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Information Communication Technology in Education: A Curriculum for Schools and Programme of Teacher Development

UNESCO, Paris, 2002, 150p.


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ICT in Teacher Education: A Planning Guide

UNESCO, Paris, 2002, 237p.


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