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Building Capacity of Teachers/Facilitators in Technology-Pedagogy Integration for Improved Teaching and Learning

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Final Report, Experts' Meeting on Teachers/Facilitators Training in Technology-Pedagogy Integration, 18-20 June 2003, Bangkok, Thailand
UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 72p.
ISBN 92-9223-019-0

This final report draws together and outlines the deliberations of the Experts' Meeting. It provides a global view of ICT and Education, describes the current status of ICT in Asia and the Pacific, outlines major issues and challenges in integrating ICT in teacher education, presents a curriculum framework for the infusion of ICT in teacher education, and concludes with a proposed action plan. Selected papers by participating experts for the meeting are listed in the appendix.


  • ICT and Education: A Global View
  • ICT Use by Teachers in Asia and the Pacific - A Regional Perspective
  • Issues and Challenges in Integrating ICT into Teacher Education
  • A Curriculum Framework of ICT Infusion in Teacher Education
  • An Action-oriented Project and Expected Outcomes
  • References
  • Glossary
  • Annexes