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Metasurvey on the Use of Technologies in Education in Asia and the Pacific

This Metasurvey on the Use of Technologies in Education in Asia and the Pacific is the first such survey to map the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the education systems of an entire region.

The project, conducted by UNESCO with the support of Japanese Funds-in-Trust, gathered information on 44 UNESCO Member States, and provided an overview of the state of ICT use in primary and secondary, non-formal, technical and vocational education across the Asia-Pacific region.

With a special focus on using ICT to achieve the Education for All goals, the report includes a chapter discussing issues relating to ICT use and gender equality. This chapter identifies areas for further efforts to ensure girls and women are not excluded from the educational benefits that ICT are seen to offer.

Download complete survey (PDF, 2.34MB)
Edited by Glen Farrell and C├ędric Wachholz
UNESCO Bangkok, 2003, 272p.
ISBN 92-9223-010-7

Contents (PDF, 132KB)

Contributing authors

Acknowledgements (PDF, 65KB)

I. Introduction (PDF, 66KB)

II. Regional Perspectives

  • An Overview of Developments and Trends in the Application of Information and Communication Technologies in Education by Glen M. Farrell, Ph.D. (PDF, 184KB)
  • Gender-Based Issues and Trends in ICT Applications in Education in Asia and the Pacific by Lyndsay Green (PDF, 121KB)

III. Country Reports

IV. Integrating ICT in Education in Asia and the Pacific: Trends and Observations (PDF, 90KB)

A CD-ROM of this publication, with additional analysis and database on educational software is also available. Contact us for further information.