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"ICT in Education Announcement" e-Newsletter

Welcome to the ICT in Education e-Newsletter! The "ICT in Education Announcement" newsletter is sent to subscribers every month, informing them of the latest "ICT in Education" news in the Asia-Pacific region, and about useful projects and resources for policy makers, educators and researchers. The newsletter also provides information about updates to the UNESCO Bangkok ICT in Education website.  Subscribe to the e-newsletter here.


Past editions of the "ICT in Education Announcement" e-Newsletter:


29 Aug: ICT in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Underserved Areas: Special and Last Edition
24 Jun: Maker Movement in Education
29 Apr: ICT-Supported Collaborative Learning and Innovative Pedagogy
26 Feb: Innovation and Equity in Higher Education
28 Jan: Special Edition: Survey Results

21 Dec: Seasons' Greetings
30 Nov: Special Edition: Survey
30 Oct: EMIS and ICT Supported Planning  (download .pdf, 634kb)
30 Sep: Cyberwellness  (download .pdf, 1.2mb)
31 Aug: ICT for Digital Equity  (download .pdf, 870kb)
31 July: ICT for Teacher Development  (download .pdf, 865kb)
29 June: ICT in the Post-2015 Development Agenda (Spe. Ed.)  (download .pdf, 480kb)
28 May: ICT in TVET  (download .pdf, 335kb)
28 April: New Learning Technologies  (download .pdf, 540kb)
26 March: Mobile Learning for Women  (download .pdf, 270kb)
26 Feb: Open and Distance Education for the Marginalized (download .pdf, 660kb)
30 Jan: Big Data for Education  (download .pdf, 220kb)


18 December: Seasons' Greetings   (download .pdf, 310kb)
28 November: Assistive Technology in Education   (download .pdf, 415kb)
28 October: 1-to-1 Computing For Education   (download .pdf, 185kb)
30 September: Massive Open Online Courses   (download .pdf, 635kb)
20 June: ICT and Early Childhood Care and Education (PDF, 480KB)
21 May: Fostering Digital Citizenship: Safe and Responsible Use of ICT (PDF, 530KB)
22 April: Innovative Pedagogy in Higher Education (PDF, 680KB)
26 March: STEM, Women and ICT (PDF, 830KB)
26 February: Technology that Shapes a Future of Education (PDF, 520KB)
23 January: Critical Perspectives on Online Learning (PDF, 580KB)


26 November: Role of Policy in Integrating ICTs (PDF, 430KB)
29 October: Teachers’ Community of Practice (PDF, 410KB)
23 September: Public-Private Partnerships (PDF, 430KB)
19 August: Responsible Use of ICT (PDF, 390KB)
25 July: ICT for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (PDF, 630KB)
21 June: ICT for Teacher Education (PDF, 850KB)
20 May: ICT for Special Needs Education (PDF, 550KB)
22 April: ICT for Entrepreneurship (PDF, 590KB)
22 March: Advanced Learning Technologies (PDF, 830KB)
15 February: ICT for Lifelong Learning (PDF, 660KB)
17 January: Learning to Live Together (PDF, 670KB)


24 December: Season's Greetings (LINK)
30 November: ICT for ESD (PDF, 560KB)
31 October: Asia-Pacific Ministerial Forum on ICT in Education (AMFIE) 2012 (PDF, 600KB)
28 September: Low-tech Education (PDF, 590KB)
27 August: UNESCO Resource Distribution Centres (RDC) (PDF, 470KB)
11 July: Project-based Learning and Telecollaboration (PDF, 590KB)
18 June: Game-based Learning (PDF, 690KB)
21 May: Open Educational Resources (PDF, 540KB)
17 April: Digital Textbook Initiatives (PDF, 850KB)
16 March: ICT in Non Formal Education (PDF, 720KB)
17 February: Public Private Partnerships (PDF, 760KB)
20 January: Innovative Schools (PDF, 790KB)


11 November: ICT and Higher Education (PDF, 680KB)
17 October: Creativity & Entrepreneurship (PDF, 600KB)
13 September: ICT Competencies for Teachers (PDF, 900KB)
8 August: Child Online Safety (PDF, 840KB)
8 July: ICT Indicators (PDF, 740KB)
6 June: Mobile Learning (PDF, 760KB)
7 April (PDF, 620KB)
11 March (PDF, 570KB)
15 February (PDF, 730KB)
18 January (PDF, 730KB)


24 December (PDF, 750KB)
2 December (PDF, 730KB)
09 November (PDF, 660KB)
13 October (PDF, 580KB)
24 September (PDF, 620KB)
30 August (PDF, 710KB)
09 August (PDF, 370KB)
19 July (PDF, 350KB)
25 June (PDF, 340KB)
04 June (PDF, 380KB)
18 May (PDF, 230KB)
22 April (PDF, 340KB)
31 March (PDF, 350KB)
05 March (PDF, 320KB)
15 February (PDF, 350KB)
22 January (PDF, 350KB)


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