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ICT Awards

In recognition that the use of ICT can improve the quality and reach of education, as well as contribute to achieving wider development goals, many organizations honour the work of those who are integrating ICT into education. This article examines selected awards that are open to individuals and organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.

October 2004

Awards raise awareness of projects which provide good models for possible replication or adaptation. Awards also assist in gaining support for the winning projects.

A selection of awards are listed below. For further information about each award programme, please visit the organizations' websites.

The Stockholm Challenge
The Stockholm Challenge is an awards programme for pioneering ICT projects worldwide. It seeks to build networks among entrepreneurs who will benefit from contacts across borders, cultures and economies.  

The Stockholm Challenge has been an international networking programme for ICT entrepreneurs for almost ten years and has attracted over 3000 entries in that period.

Stockholm Challenge website:

The Tech Museum Awards
The Tech Awards are designed to recognise the work of individuals and for-profit, public and not-for-profit organizations from around the world who are applying technology to profoundly improve the human condition in the areas of environment, economic development, education, equality and health. Each year twenty-five organizations are recognized, and one winner from each of five categories is awarded a $50,000 cash prize. Nominations for the awards define the technology application, and how that application benefits people. The website provides information on the projects of the past winners and other laureates.

Tech Awards website:

Childnet Academy Awards
The Childnet Academy, born from the Childnet Awards programme 1997–2003, is a unique week-long Academy that provides specialist web support, leadership training and technical advice to a group of the best young web developers from around the world. Throughout the week, participants are given exclusive access to a team of Internet experts drawn from the world of education, business and the public and voluntary sectors. Participants are also given the chance to learn from previous winners. The Awards highlight and reward young people, and those working with them, who are developing outstanding, innovative online projects which directly benefit other children worldwide.

Childnet Academy website:

The Gender and ICT Awards
The Gender and ICT Awards, sponsored by APC Women's Networking Support Programme (WNSP) and the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) honour and bring international recognition to the innovative and effective projects by women to use ICT for the promotion of gender equality and/or women’s empowerment. Both community-based or small-scale initiatives and larger scale but cost-effective multi-stakeholder initiatives are recognised, while offering opportunities to develop new collaborations/partnerships and opportunities for upscaling small-scale and community-based initiatives.

Gender and ICT Awards website:

Global SchoolNet Online Shared Learning Award
The Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN), a guiding light in online collaborative learning since 1984, runs the annual "GSN Online Shared Learning Awards" to recognize current classroom teachers, media specialists, and other school-based educators who have distinguished themselves in the area of online shared learning. These awards recognize exemplary telecollaborating teachers. media specialists, and other school-based educators and seek to promote the effective use of telecollaboration among different classes and groups of students.

Global SchoolNet Foundation website:

Yeomans Award for Local Content
The Yeomans Award for Local Content aims to bring international recognition to projects and experiences which demonstrate the transformative nature of local content and the methodologies which are used to achieve this in different contexts. The Global Knowledge Partnership and the Open Knowledge Network are collaborating for this inaugural award and there are four categories, with cash prizes of USD2,500 each, to be won.

Yeomans Award website: