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Role of Teachers in the ICT-supported Learning Environment

A Vision of 21st Century Teachers (video)
Eighteen classroom teachers "speak out" on the topic of tech integration and 21st Century skills for students. Video produced by the Mahoning County Educational Service Center of Ohio.

Changing teachers 1.0 into teachers 3.01: misconceptions, opportunities (Maggie Verster, ICT4Champions consultant) (video)
Ms. Verster talks about the opportunities and challenges that teachers face as they progress in their use of technology in the classroom and widen their network– from teachers 1.0 (isolated) to teachers 2.0 (connected). She highlights the potentials of social networking tools in developing lifelong learners and 21st century innovators as well as empowering teachers via professional learning communities (PLCs). Video from the Let’s Talk Network channel. Presentation file

21st Century Teacher
This wiki post enumerates and explains the different characteristics that an educator in the 21st century is expected to have. An accompanying video emphasizes the changes needed for teachers to adapt accordingly.

*** The emerging repertoire demanded of teachers of the future: Surviving the transition
This article describes the many and various demands teachers are increasingly expected to meet in the ICT-rich learning environment, and argues that with appropriate professional development aimed at meeting specific outcomes, they will not only survive but prosper in their new role.

Other Useful Sites:

New Teacher and Student Roles in the Technology-Supported Classroom
This paper analyses how the roles of teachers and students in the classroom setting are shifting as a result of computer-based technologies. It also looks into the capabilities of these technologies in enabling and constraining innovative pedagogical practices.

6 Possible Roles For Teachers In A Personalized Learning Environment
This article discusses the changing roles of educators in view of the rapid technological advances and shifting views on learning.

Teacher roles and adoption of educational technology in the Chinese context
“This research focuses on perceptions of teacher roles and their impacts on the adoption of educational technology in schools in a Chinese context. Participants in this study are 125 primary and secondary teachers in a Chinese school in Beijing. Five types of teacher roles (expert, authority, model, facilitator and delegator) are reflected. The results show that teachers of facilitator/expert profile and facilitator/delegator profile are more inclined to adopt educational technology.”

New Teacher and Student Roles in the Technology-Supported, Language Classroom
This paper “defines new roles for students and teachers as a result of “technology-based practices”, “changes in curriculum and pedagogy”, and “an instructional shift toward project-based constructivist approaches to teaching and learning”. The use of technology is embraced by students while raising some concerns from teachers.”

Trading Roles: Teachers and Students Learn with Technology
This report, prepared by the Maine Education Policy Research Institute, discusses the opportunities afforded by technology to promote significant shifts in the role of teachers and students in the classroom setting.