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Online teacher training resources and institutions – by theme and range (general courses on ICT skills to courses on technology integration into specific curriculum areas)

ICT in Education: Teachers’ Professional Development Toolkit
This toolkit contains a set of open resources used to train new or in-service teachers in the Caribbean and Pacific region on ICT into Teacher Education. It covers a discussion on the framework as well as provides links to the training curriculum, assessment tools, and online course materials. Course materials:

This website features online courses, practice tests, and useful materials for teachers (trainers). Teachers can learn about finding and managing information using ICT and about using ICT to improve communication.

Online teacher training in a global classroom
iEARN offers five subject-specific online courses for K-12 educators around the world. These courses help teachers who wish to integrate technology into their classes using online collaborative projects that are in line with their national education standards. Professional Development Toolbox:

British Council Connecting Classrooms – Professional Learning free online courses
This site provides teachers with free online continuing professional development courses and resources on global citizenship, ICT for international exchange, and English.

Intel Teach Elements – Online Professional Development Courses
“Intel® Teach helps K–12 teachers of all subjects learn to engage students with digital learning, including digital content, Web 2.0, social networking, and online tools and resources. Intel Teach professional development empowers teachers to integrate technology effectively into their existing curriculum, focusing on their students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, which are precisely the skills required in the high tech, networked society in which we live. Intel® Teach Elements are free, just-in-time professional development courses that you can experience now, anytime, anywhere. This series of compelling courses provides deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts.” Introductory video:

Microsoft Teacher Resources – Teaching Guides
This page serves as a repository of teaching guides that offer tips and step-by-step guides is using ICT tools and technologies in class.
Microsoft Institute for Pre-Service Teachers – eCollaboration Module
This is a stand-alone online module that teachers may take to learn more about collaborative learning and project-based learning.

Microsoft Institute for Pre-Service Teachers – eCollaboration Module
This is a stand-alone online module that teachers may take to learn more about collaborative learning and project-based learning.

21st Century e-Teacher by LearniT-TeachiT
“The LearniT-TeachiT 21st Century e-Teacher online initiative (Introductory video: ) provides users with a four course curriculum of activities within a learning community that allows for customization and continuous feedback. Certified participants are then eligible to serve as trainers and submit materials to the LearniT-TeachiT website that hosts hundreds of teacher created project-based lesson plans that are customizable and classroom-ready.” The main website of LearniT-TeachiT also offers online resources, sample lesson plans, and sample practices that teacher can use for their personal CPD - access these through!classroom-resources/c1wbm.

SimpleK12 video resources for Teacher Professional Development
SimpleK12 is a Teacher Learning Community that offers TPD resources developed by accredited presenters and shared through the community website ( Some of the resources are free, some require a fee. The youtube channel provides an assortment of videos covering topics like integrating technology in the classroom (general discussion), mobile apps for teachers, internet safety, imaging and multimedia, use of web 2.0 tools, and other training clips on a variety of tools. Introductionary video:

GURO21 (SEAMEO course)
GURO21 (Gearing Up Responsible and Outstanding Teachers in Southeast Asia for the 21st Century) is a menu of flexible learning courses designed to enhance the capabilities of Southeast Asian teachers in addressing the teaching-learning requirements of the 21st century. The courses under the GURO21 program are based on a Competency Framework for Southeast Asian Teachers developed and validated by teachers, education experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders including the Parents and Teachers Organizations’ representatives from the eleven (11) Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) member states.

Coursera courses for Teacher Professional Development
This particular list in the Coursera website shows the current and planned MOOCs on various topics that interests teachers, including foundations of teaching and learning, subject-area or grade-level specific interventions, effective coaching practices, use of appropriate ICT tools for learning activities, etc.
Computer Education for Teachers
This free online course by Free-Ed.Net provides teachers with an overview of appropriate use and integration of education technology in the classroom.

Computer Education for Teachers
This free online course by Free-Ed.Net provides teachers with an overview of appropriate use and integration of education technology in the classroom.

Commonwealth Certificate for Teachers’ ICT Integration (CCTI)
“The CCTI is designed to improve teachers’ experience of teaching in the classroom with information and communication technology (ICT) and increase school managers’ involvement in ICT implementation in the school. It challenges school managers and teachers to constantly reflect on what they do in their school and classrooms and how ICT can be integrated into their evolving management and teaching styles. The CCTI has been designed as a distance education course and is aligned with the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT). It is an open educational resource (OER) that COL is making available to teacher training institutions throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. The material can be used as is or can be adopted and/or adapted into existing programmes.”

Pedagogical ICT License 
The European Pedagogical ICT License (EPICT) offers an in-service training course modelled after the “European quality standard” in the area of pedagogical integration of ICT in education.  Going beyond Europe, it has also gained popularity in Brazil, India, Australia, and Sri Lanka.
This website provides free video tutorials on the use of various ICT tools for teaching/learning and other teacher tasks.

Google Apps for Education Training Center
“This is an online learning environment dedicated for educators and students to learn how to effectively use Google Apps in an educational context.”

Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Teacher Toolkit: Additional Resources
This site provides teachers with step-by-step how to guides on a wider range of ICT tools that may be used by teachers in the designing and conducting learning activities.

Microsoft Digital Literacy courses
These free courses train individuals on the general use of technology – for work-related purposes as well as for personal use. There are 5 courses offered: Computer Basics, The Internet and the World Wide Web, Productivity Programs, Computer Security and Privacy, and Digital Lifestyles.

General ICT skills
This website provides free courses and tutorials in various types of commonly-used software.

GFC Global Learning
This website provides free online courses in a range of computer programs, including open source software.

BBC Learning
This website provides access to various websites offering free tutorials, courses, and resources on various aspects and forms of ICT – concepts, programming, software applications, safety and privacy, etc. itrainonline This website provides links to sites and documents that teach ICT skills in the following categories: Basic Skills, Strategic Use, Web Development, Multimedia, and Technical. It also provides resources for trainers and women. 

EducationOnlineForComputers Software Training
This page information about using basic software, including productivity tools, multimedia and graphic software, web design and development . Databases courses This site offers information on courses for the three main open source databases PostgreSQL, MySQL and FirebirdSQL, as well as other Linux courses.

TutorialFind v2
This page provides links to online tutorials on various ICT topics – including computer basics, software (graphics, multimedia, web development), networking, etc.  It also offers some subject matter-specific links under “Education”.