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Teaching resources - various subjects

Merlot resources
MERLOT has created a variety of Community Portals categorized by discipline and program area to provide users with "one-stop shopping" centers for a broad spectrum of resources related to online teaching and learning.
Contents: Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Math and Statistics, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Workforce Development

Lesson plans & worksheets
Supports a wide range of interactive resources including video and audio, online activities, and content for download. The range of materials offered in the portal for teachers includes curriculum websites, audiovisual classroom clips, audio resources, and teachers' packs with lesson plans and worksheets.
Contents: Math, English, Geography, Citizenship, Business Studies, History, Design & technology, ICT etc.

Asia-focused materials
Looking for curriculum & new ideas? The website is a comprehensive portal for using, sharing and creating resources created in the spirit of free-sharing. It features Asia-focused, country-specific materials and is non-profit oriented. Search via Subjects, Activity Types, Academic Levels and Tags.
Contents: Business & Economics, Geography, Language & the Arts, Life Skills,  Sciences, Social Studies

Lesson plan library
*Teachers can access specific lesson plans as well as whole databases here, on a wide variety of health-related topics. Search by subject, such as substance abuse, nutrition or conflict resolution, or take advantage of other resources, such as rubrics and tests.
Contents: Arts & Humanities, Health, Holidays, English Language Arts, Literature, Math, Music Education, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Web Quests, World Languages, Emergency Plans for Teachers, Worksheet Maker

MCREL teaching materials
*McREL contains and links to a wide range of teaching materials on almost every subject areas.There are lesson databases here, background information and research links, as well as standards and benchmarks.
Contents: The Arts, Behavioral / Social Sciences, Civics, Economics, Foreign Language, Geography, Health/PE, History, Language Arts, Math, Science, Technology

Classroom resource finder
*This website funded by the Scottish Government allows you to search links to educational web resources in number of subject areas at levels of Early years, Primary, Secondary and Special education. 
Contents: Expressive Arts, Health and wellbeing, Languages, Mathematics, Religious and moral education, Sciences, Social Studies, Technologies

ICT in teaching & learning
Designed to support school staff and build confidence in the use of ICT in teaching and learning across many subject areas/disciplines in the 21st century classroom.
Contents: ICT for Art, English, Drama, Geography, History, Maths, PE, Science etc.

School resources
Ask Asia is dedicated primarily to increasing understanding between America and Asia. This page links to teacher and school resources and lesson plans and ideas, supplementary materials and more.
Contents: Lesson plans for Elementary, Secondary, Professional learning, Partnership; Games for Students 

Free learning resources
The website’s collections bring together the best teacher-led and student-led, inquiry-based instruction, assessment activities, projects, labs and interactive simulations, materials which include lessons, units and eTextbooks. It also provides access to supports in forms of printable student materials, ebooks, labs, projects, videos, interactive simulations, assessments, rubrics and more.
Contents: Arts, Career & Technical Ed., Education, Education Technology, Health, Information & Media Literacy, Language Arts, math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages

Open learn
*The Open University (UK) offers free online courses in various subject areas through its online "Learning Space". Teachers can also download teaching materials from the "LabSpace" and share their own teaching materials. 
Contents: Body & Mind, Education, History and Arts, Languages, Money Management, Science, Maths and Technology, Society

Awesome library
*The numerous lesson plans accessible through this site will be of great value to teachers and parents alike. There are also interesting discussions of important topics.
Contents: The Arts, English, Math, Social Science, Science, Health, Technology, Languages, Literature, Special Ed., geography, K-12 Lessons etc.

Web resources for ed and research
Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database.
Contents: Agriculture, Food & Forestry, Architecture, Biological Sciences, Business & mngt studies, Communication & media, Creative & performing arts, Education & research methods, Engineering, Geography & environment, Humanities, Law, Math & computer science, Medicine, Nursing, Physical Sciences, Psychology etc.

Educational videos & lessons for k-12 school kids
*A selection of video clips on various subjects (physical science, life science, human body, earth &space, social studies, health, math, English) is available on this website to make lessons more exciting and visual. There are also clips of science projects and experiments. In addition, the category named ‘Fun Videos!’ contains some interesting clips showing, for example, the process of plant growth, food decomposition and environmental changes as well as music and sports techniques. Different videos are appropriate for different age groups but so many clips are available that the website covers all levels of schooling from preschool to secondary school. The duration of the clips varies, however, all are relatively short from one minute to ten minutes.

Resources in various academic areas
*The website covers an extensive range of topics and grade levels, and links to resources on original contents, lesson plans, articles by education experts and website reviews.
Contents: The Arts, Foreign Languages, History, Language and Literature, Math, PE and Health, Science, Social Sciences

Free worksheets & educational resources
*This slightly confusing-looking site is nonetheless a very useful resource, bringing together a host of material for teachers of all subjects. Literally thousands of worksheets for teachers of basic literacy skills, as well as language resources, engineering, law, communications, and many, many more.

Life & functional skills search engine
Search for skills for life and functional skills resources to use in the classroom or independent study. The site is also linked to teacher training resources and interactive resources.
Contents: Action research, assessment, citizenship, coaching, eLearning, Employability, English, Family Learning, ICT, Leadership, Math and many more.

Teachers helping teachers
This excellent teacher resource site is updated regularly and contains a large collection of lesson plans, an interesting ‘topic of the week’ feature, and reviews of recent publications.
Contents: The Arts, Math, Science, Special Ed, Social Studies, Book Review, Classroom Management

Free short courses
*This website provides you with free short courses (20-30mins) on the subject areas of Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Computer Skills, English Language and Health &Life skills developed by e-learning experts. Majority of these courses are available in French, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese as well. These courses are appropriate for children of the age of 5-12. These courses are widely used around world (80 countries).

Interactive maps
*Owl and Mouse offers mostly free software that can be accessed straight from this page. Download maps, writing activities, history resources, ‘make-a-town’, or link to other sites.