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Criteria for Evaluating Educational Materials


GeSci Evaluation Tool
An evaluation tool that allows you to compare different content proposals by analyzing certain variables like quality and comprehensiveness of content, ease of use, functionality, etc, providing a score for each. Perform online evaluation by using online tool.

Cornell University Library
Cornell University Library has shared a collection of guidelines and criteria for evaluating online and offline  information sources from the internet from different contexts.

Other Useful Sites:

Ithaca College Library Guide
The Ithaca College Library Guide to Critical Thinking about what you see on the web. Contains six suggestions to consider.

Bibliography of evaluation sources
This page, with a wealth of sites that offer guidelines and advice for evaluating information resources, is an extremely useful point of entry for anyone looking for critical guidance.

Taking the mystery out of copyright
This fun websiteproduced by the US Library of Congress, features animated videos which explore copyright issues. Although aimed at middle-school children, this website provides information that is useful for anyone seeking to understand the topic.

Ownership issues in online use of institutional materials
Many scenarios in the daily life of an educational institution raise questions of proprietary rights, in particular with the transference of analogue material to a digital format. This article focuses on issues of copyright and rights of publicity in just such a digital context.

Cyberguide rating for content evaluation
Evaluate websites with the use of this assessment sheet, which will enable you to grade a given site according to its appropriateness and suitability to your own needs.