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Online Collaboration Projects/Activities

*** Asia-Europe Classroom 
This excellent site brings together high school students from Asia and Europe, providing valuable cultural exchanges and enhancing education through computer technology. The site contains details of current projects for students to join; examples of recent projects include: Virtual Homestay; Let’s Do the Same Lesson, in which schools from different countries use the same material; and an online newspaper.

Schools in 15 countries worldwide collaborate on a number of projects organised by the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education. Students from all grade levels can join in projects on human genetics, local and global environment studies, and the Noon Day Project, which uses mathematical tools to measure the circumference of the earth.

*** International Education and Resource Network
This website is run by a non-profit global network of over 15,000 schools in over 100 countries worldwide, and enables students and teachers to work together on collaborative projects online.

*** SchoolNet Global
Promoting intercultural understanding along with language learning skills, SchoolNet Global connects half a million children worldwide. Students can share written work on any subject under the guidance of teachers and parents. Free for schools in England, otherwise contact for details on joining.

Other Useful Sites:
Connecting Classrooms

Connecting Classrooms is a site devoted to global Internet projects from the British Council. There is a large selection of online curricula, information exchanges and professional development resources, as well as plenty of other useful links such as links for buying software and books, and ICT policies.

Online activities
This page contains a huge list of ongoing projects and activities that students and teachers can access online. From ABC News stories and BBC history activities to guided tours of the Pyramids and daily National Geographic quizzes. Some links are expired.

Empowering youth with digital media and global learning collaboration
This initiative of the Global Education Project at Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University in Japan aims to create an online “agora” (an open gathering place in the antique), and then stimulate global discussion and collaboration among youth in Asia.

UNESCO Associated Schools launch their first online collaborative platform
With the use of ICT and social networking tools increasing, the International Coordination of the UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) wished to maximize the use of such technology to enhance interaction and knowledge sharing on key issues across the Network. Thus, UNESCO has launched its first ASPnet in Action online collaborative platform dedicated to learning and exchanging about biodiversity.

ICamp Intercultural Learning Camp
iCamp is a research and development project funded by the European Commission under the IST (Information Society Technology) programme of FP6. The project aims at creating an infrastructure for collaboration and networking across systems, countries, and disciplines in Higher Education. Pedagogically it is based on constructivist learning theories that puts more emphasis on self-organised learning, social networking, and the changing roles of educators.

Pedagogical innovation in new learning communities: An in-depth study of twelve online learning communities
The aim of this study is to review and assess the new social and pedagogical approaches to learning that are emerging in new ICT-facilitated collaborative learning settings.