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Online Learning Programmes: Real Cases/Examples

*** China: Lifelong learning and the use of new technology
This article describes the responses in China to the growing demands for education for the elderly. The author outlines the emergence of the University of the Third Age, with centres springing up all over China, and their use of new technologies, specifically the Internet and TV.

*** Open and distance learning in the Gobi desert: non-formal education for nomadic women
Mongolia provides an interesting case study of online and distance education in a country undergoing rapid economic and political transition. This paper describes the country’s first open and distance learning project specifically for non-formal education, and considers the lessons of the project for future programme developers and policy makers.

Other Useful Sites:

MIT+K12 is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to harness the creativity of MIT's most outstanding asset -- its students -- in bringing excitement and understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math to kids. The best way to engage young people in engineering and science is by giving a voice to other young people. The MIT School of Engineering is funding student teams to produce short videos to illustrate that engineering and math can be cool, and MIT students -- who have access to some of the most sophisticated laboratory and experimental facilities in the world -- have responded enthusiastically.

Kkulmat Rainbow School in South Korea - Virtual school for students in the hospital
The Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology established the Kkulmat Rainbow School to provide formal education to students with health problems in December 2006.

Village teacher training via video conferencing
This essay illustrates a short - lived project in rural villages in Mexico and challenges the project team faced. Three organisations partnered to train undereducated teachers on a project designed to bring Internet access to rural villages in Mexico. Local schoolteachers, many of whom had not received any training beyond a standard high school diploma, were o be trained by experts via videoconferencing.

Online community for researchers and students of Asynchronous Learning Networks
The focus of this site is online courses which emphasise class discussions. It aims to increase the quality, quantity, and dissemination of results of research on the effectiveness of Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN).

Project Pillars: Foundation for Successes in Online Curriculum Projects
This paper outlines research and good practice in the management and delivery of online curriculum projects at the school level, based on a case study of a large national project in Australia.

Skills development through distance education
This book, containing case studies on delivering online training courses from Africa, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, India and the United Kingdom, can be downloaded entirely in Acrobat. Articles include ideas for traditional on-site only institutions to develop online and distance learning programmes.

Students’ distress with a Web-based distance education course
By focusing on specific cases of student anxiety due to communication and technical difficulties during online courses, this study aims to isolate and remove potential pitfalls, to improve the online learning experience.

Virtual training suite
This site contains a set of free online tutorials for students, lecturers and researchers wishing to improve their Internet literacy and IT skills. Courses include tutorials in using the Internet for all major subjects, from humanities, life and social sciences to business, law and engineering.