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Publications (2002 - 2009)

E-Learning Series on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education

UNESCO Bangkok, 2009
ISBN: 978-92-9223-259-7


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Directory of ICT resources for Teaching and Learning of Science, Mathematics and Language

ICT in Education Teacher Training Series 4
ISBN: 987-92-9223-170-5
(reproduction of the 2008 Japanese Funds-in-Trust funded edition)
The Directory contains a set of ICT-based resources for teaching and learning of science, mathematics and language for secondary-level students, including simulations, video clips, interactive learning objects for quizzes, animation, and other kinds of multimedia learning activities.
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Web-tools for Educators

ICT in Education Teacher Training Series 3
(updated version of the 2007 Japanese Funds-in-Trust funded edition)
This CD-ROM offers about 50 web-based applications which are potentially useful for all types of education activities. Every application has its own tutorial explaining the educational potential and the technical installation.
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Multimedia Resources

ICT in Education Teacher Training Series 2
ISBN: 978-92-9223-270-2
A collection of clip art, PowerPoint backgrounds, icons, pictures, music, flash applets for teachers to produce their own materials or lesson plans.
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Free Software for Educators

ICT in Education Teacher Training Series 1
ISBN: 978-92-9223-271-9
This CD-ROM contains free (open source) software which may help educators to produce their own ICT based learning objects, learning materials and classroom resources. About 30 applications are included, categorized into Office & Design, Internet, Educational Tools, Audio and Video, Graphics & Animation and Utilities.
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In Search of Innovative ICT in Education Practices: Case Studies from the Asia-Pacific Region

This series of case studies showcases the innovative spirit of educators in using ICT in their teaching and learning practices. Each booklet is a stand-alone case study describing the background of the project, implementation, outcomes and lessons learned.

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ICT in Teacher Education: Case Studies from the Asia-Pacific Region

UNESCO Bangkok 2007, 130p

ISBN 978-92-9223-151-4 (Print version)

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Initiating and Managing SchoolNets: Lessons Learned Vol. 3

UNESCO Bangkok. 2007, 70p.
ISBN 92-9223-111-1


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ICT in Education Programme - Update 2007

Using ICT to Develop Literacy

Editor-in-Chief: Cedric Wachholz
Editor: Ellie Meleisea
UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 60p.
ISBN: 92-9223-088-3


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Regional Guidelines on Teacher Development for Pedagogy-Technology Integration (Working Draft)

Based on a Series of Workshops in Pedagogy-Technology Integration
UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 100p.


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Information and Communication Technologies in Schools: A Handbook for Teachers

How ICT Can Create New, Open Learning Environments
UNESCO, Paris, 2005, 240 p.


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Mobile Learning for Expanding Educational Opportunities

ICT in Education Programme - Update 2005

SchoolNetworking: Lessons Learned Vol. 2

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok. 2004, 78p.
ISBN 92-9223-039-5


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Integrating ICTs into Education: Lessons Learned Vol. 1

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 9 sections.
ISBN 92-9223-015-8


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Schoolnet Toolkit

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok; Vancouver: Commonwealth of Learning, 2004, 250 p.
ISBN 92-9223-020-4


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How To Get Started And Keep Going: A Guide to Community Multimedia Centres

Stella Hughes, Sucharita Eashwar, Venus E. Jennings (Ed.)

Paris: UNESCO, 2004

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Needs Assessment of ICT in Education Policy Makers in Asia and the Pacific: Towards the Development of a Toolkit for Policy Makers

Assessment prepared by Max Gigling
Published by UNESCO Bangkok, 2004. 32p.
ISBN 92-9223-038-7


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Evaluation Report: High Level Seminar on Workshop for Decision-Makers and Policy Makers from Asia and the Pacific "Towards Policies for Integrating Information and Communication Technologies into Education"

Published by UNESCO Bangkok, 2004. 78p.
ISBN 92-9223-039-5


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Workshop on the Development of Guidelines on Teacher Training in ICT Integration and Standards for Competency in ICT

UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 29p.
ISBN 92-9223-016-6


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Building Capacity of Teachers/Facilitators in Technology-Pedagogy Integration for Improved Teaching and Learning

UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 72p.
ISBN 92-9223-019-0


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Report of the Expert Meeting on Documenting Experiences in the Use of ICT in Education and Schoolnet Operations

UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 55 p.
ISBN 92-9223-025-5


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ICT in Education Programme - Update 2004

Developing and Using Indicators of ICT Use in Education

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Consultative Workshop on Performance Indicators for ICT in Education

The Virtual University: Models and Messages

Lessons from Case Studies


Editor: Susan D'Antoni

ISBN: 92-803-1230-8


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Report of the South-East Asian ICT Advocacy and Planning Workshop for Policy-Makers and National ICT Coordinators, 15 December 2003, and of the Sub-Regional Meeting of National ICT Coordinators on Project Planning and Management, 16-18 December 2003

UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 52 p.
ISBN 92-9223-026-3


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Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects: A Handbook for Developing Countries

Teacher Training on ICT Use in Education in Asia and the Pacific: Overview from Selected Countries

Information Repackaging Series, No. 1
Experts Meeting on Teachers/Facilitators Training in Technology-Pedagogy Integration, Bangkok, 18-20 June 2003.
UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, 2003, 52 p.


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ICT in Education Programme - Update 2003

Information Communication Technology in Education: A Curriculum for Schools and Programme of Teacher Development

UNESCO, Paris, 2002, 150p.

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ICT in Teacher Education: A Planning Guide

UNESCO, Paris, 2002, 237p.


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Technologies for Education: Potential, Parameters and Prospects

Community Radio Handbook

(Available in English, French and Thai)

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ICT in Education Press Kit