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Choosing the right technological tools for your school or country's needs is a vital step in ensuring the effective use of ICT in Education. This section gives information about technologies that can be used in education and about challenges in using ICT in Education.

Realizing educational objectives of the "information age" requires integrating modern forms of information and communication technologies (ICT) into education. To do this effectively, education planners, principals, teachers, and technology specialists must make many decisions in the following areas: technical, training, financial, pedagogical and infrastructure requirements. For many, this is a complex task similar to not just learning a new language, but learning how to teach in a new language.

This section looks at the tools themselves, from the satellites that link nations, to the machines that students work on in the classroom. It is intended to help educators, policy makers, planners, curriculum developers and others find their way through the often confusing maze of ICT tools, terms and systems.