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Educational software

Countless software applications have been developed over the years, many for free, to meet educational objectives, including:

  • strengthening subject matter competence
  • providing drill and practice activities for different subjects
  • enhancing logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • enriching research and writing activities
  • simulating complex or dangerous processes that enable students to change variables and visualize how processes are changed
  • providing opportunities for students to extend learning beyond the scope of classroom activities.

As with all uses of computers to enhance teaching and learning, the key to success is not the type of educational software that is used, but how teachers use the software and integrate it into their teaching programmes.

What software is best?

The use of computers does not necessarily guarantee educational benefits, and the costs of purchasing often very expensive software must be considered carefully. Schools and teachers should seek out evaluations of software from other educators to learn the benefits of, and possible problems with, the software. Many websites (such as UK-based provide evaluations of educational software. Also, publishers will often provide evaluation/trial copies of software that teachers can use to test the products before the school decides to purchase the full software. When evaluating educational software, teachers and schools need to develop evaluation criteria so that purchase decisions are based on measures of educational quality.

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Links here offer downloadable software, freeware and shareware. Most applications are free or low-cost, and many sites offer software for the full curriculum. Click to visit websites that review new and existing share- and freeware and software that enables teachers to put educational materials and student work online. There are also links to sites providing guidelines to assist educators in evaluating educational software.