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Technologies for special needs

Innovative projects under development at Archimedes
Innovative technologies under development for people with disabilities are linked to here, such as Total Access System; Speech Accessor; Head Tracker; Eye Tracker; V-TAP and GUI Accessor; Communicators; Alternative Input and Output Devices. Contact Anne Knight, Director of Communications, at for additional information.

Disability World
Disability World is a unique international online magazine (e-zine), dedicated to advancing an exchange of information and expertise about the international independent living movement of people with disabilities. Published by the World Institute on Disability (WID) since 2000 and available only online, Disability World features a wide variety of news reports, international studies and research, new projects, interviews, book and film reviews. Many of the previous issues contain articles and papers on the topic of technology and special needs.

Interactive session on ICT and Persons with Disabilities at WSIS Forum 2010
UNESCO, in partnership with the Sindbad Mediterranean without Disabilities, organized an interactive session on Information and Communication Technologies and Persons with Disabilities on 11 May 2010 at WSIS Forum 2010 in Geneva (Switzerland). The session presented a number of good practices in the use of ICT to facilitate social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

To accomplish its mission, G3ict implements the following set priorities: 

  • Raise awareness on effective public policies, private sector initiatives, and standardization references. It reached 2,500+ multi-stakeholders via conferences, outreach activities, and publications as of July 2011;

  • Facilitate the sharing of solutions and good practices through a Web-based platform including an electronic newsletter, worldwide databases on country achievements, companies ICT accessibility policies, and case studies, books and white papers from leading authors and institutions on specific areas of technology or public policy of interest to member states;

  • Foster harmonization and standardization by facilitating on-going discussions with the participation of ITU, ISO, ETSI, ANSI, TEITAC and other leading Standards Development Organizations via forums and Web-based activities;

  • Support policy makers with capacity building programs and benchmarking. Deliverables include an online "ITU-G3ict e-Accessibility Policy Toolkit for Persons with Disabilities" and its companion handbook developed as a joint publication of ITU, G3ict, and the Centre for Internet and Society, in collaboration with The Hans Foundation (released in October 2010), and the first edition of the "CRPD Progress Report on ICT Accessibility," developed in collaboration with Disabled Peoples' International (DPI) (released in May 2011).