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Directory of Free Educational Resources for Teachers


Since its inception in 2002, the ICT in Education Programme at UNESCO Bangkok has created various tools and resources including a teachers’ portal on useful online resources, as well as seven packages of teaching and learning resources. To cater to the needs and infrastructure readiness of the marginalized populations, the UNESCO-curated digital resources for teacher educators and teachers have been openly and freely shared and distributed as CD ROMs to more than 120 countries worldwide. For the resources to reach the target educators in need, the Resource Distribution and Training Centres (RDTC) network was established in 2013 with 24 teacher education institutes (TEIs) in 12 countries across the region. In 2014-15, a total of 38,720 original and reproduced CD ROMs were distributed through the RDTC network. 

To reinforce its continuous effort, UNESCO Bangkok has partnered with Chungdahm Learning Inc., a leading digital learning provider from the Republic of Korea, and updated its collection of digital resources for teaching and learning. Two directories including “Science” (lower secondary) and “Classroom Productivity” are released now, in both DVDs and USBs as well as available on the UNESCO website to download.This is part of the UNESCO Bangkok’s “Supporting Competency-Based Teacher Training Reforms to Facilitate ICT-Pedagogy Integration” Project, supported by the Korean Funds-in-Trust.

“Directory of Free Educational Resources for Teachers: Science”, mapped against core curriculum standards for lower secondary science across the Asia-Pacific Region, aims to provide teachers and teacher educators with a new collection of curated free (or open) digital science contents. A group of science educators in the region collaborated with UNESCO Bangkok in order to develop a quality content evaluation framework, which in turn guided the review and rating of the collected digital resources. The resources include animations, simulations, interactive presentations, quizzes, Web quests, videos etc. which are freely available on the internet.

“Directory of Free Educational Resources for Teachers: Classroom Productivity” is a collection of free quality software which is ready to be installed directly onto your computer.  It includes a collated set of freely available productivity tools, such as content authoring software, mind-mapping software, graphic editors, office suite among many others.



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