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Web Tools for Educators

ICT in Education Teacher Training Series 3

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This CD-ROM, “Web Tools for Educators”, contains free web-based tools (computer software that is accessible via the Internet) that are useful for people working in the education field. In particular, this CD-ROM contains software that teachers can use to enhance teaching and learning, and software that education administrators can use to improve productivity and efficiency.

Each of the tools on this CD-ROM comes with a “tutorial” which explains what the tool can be used for and what its educational or efficiency advantages are. In addition, clear instructions are provided regarding how to download and install the tools.

UNESCO created this CD-ROM in recognition of the fact that many teachers and administrators are not yet aware of the educational applications of web-based tools, such as online forums and picture management software. This CD-ROM, by explaining how to operate web tools, makes these tools easily usable in educational and administrative settings. Providing the tools on a CD-ROM makes such tools easily accessible to teachers and administrators, particularly for those who do not have Internet access.

These tools were originally compiled in 2006 by the UNESCO Bangkok “ICT in Education” programme within the framework of the “Training and Professional Development of Teacher Educators in the Effective use of ICT for Improved Teaching and Learning” project, which is funded by Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT). The production of this new updated version was sponsored by UNESCO G-77 and China South-South Cooperation Fund in Education for ICT in Education Teacher Training Project in Asia Pacific Region.

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