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MTB MLE Resource Kit - Including the Excluded: Promoting Multilingual Education

Goal 4 of the UN’s 2016 Sustainable Development Goals is to “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.”   This MTB MLE Resource Kit is for people who recognise that "inclusive and quality education” is possible only when children are able to understand the language used in school.  

This kit contains three main booklets. Each booklet has a designated audience: 1) policy makers, 2) education programme planers and practitioners and 3) community members. Please remember that developing MLE requires contributions from everyone at all levels. For that reason, we encourage you to use all three booklets along with other available resources as you work together to plan, implement and sustain your MLE programmes.

The five booklets in the Kit provide a “big picture” of successful MTB MLE programmes and suggestions for the roles each group can take as they plan, implement and maintain their programmes. This kit can be used in many different ways. For those who are already involved in MLE programmes, you might use these ideas to help you to promote mother tongue instruction and strengthen your programme. Those who are not familiar with multilingual education but want to improve educational access for minority language students might use these booklets to identify specific points that they can investigate and discuss in their own contexts.