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Connections: Empowering Women to Talk about Sexual and Reproductive Health -- Training of Trainers Workshop

The Myanmar Ministry of Education’s Department of Educational Planning and Training (DEPT), with the support of UNESCO, will conduct a workshop entitled “Connections: Empowering Women to Talk about Sexual and Reproductive Health” from 26 - 28 September 2012 in Yangon, Myanmar.
The three-day workshop aims to build confidence and skills among 30 teacher trainers from Education Colleges in Myanmar to deliver effective sexual and reproductive health content to their students, including on HIV and AIDS issues. 

Connections is an adolescent and parent programme that helps girls, boys and their mothers to become more confident and comfortable talking about gender, relationships and sex. 

The Connections programme can also be used in school settings, enabling teachers to communicate better with their students about issues including puberty, growing up, relationships, dating, sexuality, pregnancy prevention, gender rights, alcohol use and parent-to-adolescent communication. 

The specific workshop objectives are to:

• Update participants on the HIV situation in Myanmar and to understand its impact;

• Support teachers to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to educate young people about HIV prevention, and sexual and reproductive health issues;

• Strengthen teachers’ capacity to talk about sexual and reproductive health; and
• Familiarize teachers with effective teaching methods to talk about sensitive issues such as sexual and reproductive health.

In Myanmar, although HIV and sexual and reproductive health content is included in teacher training and pre-service teacher training, there are challenges in ensuring that teachers cover sensitive contents in classroom settings.

This activity is part of UNESCO’s programme entitled “Addressing HIV vulnerabilities among youth, including young key affected populations in Myanmar” funded by the 2012 -2013 UNAIDS United Budget Results and Accountability Framework. 

Contact: Yu Yu Aung, National HIV and AIDS focal point, UNESCO at


(*) Creating Connections materials were authored by Associate Professor Helen Cahill, Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne, Australia, with contributions from Dr Tu Anh Hoang, Director of Centre for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population, Viet Nam. Following promising evaluation results from the Vietnam pilot study, the regional UNICEF, UNESCO, and UNFPA offices invested in a refinement of materials and the expansion of the programme into several countries.