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Who Says Condoms Can’t Be Used Twice?


In 2006, participants at the "Condom Chain of Life" festival linked close to 25,000 condoms together to form the 2,715 meter chain. The Guinness Book for World records recognized the “Condom Chain of Life” as the longest condom chain in the world until Romania claimed the title in 2007.

The event held at Lumphini Park in Bangkok, sponsored by UNESCO and led by UNAIDS special representative Mechai Viravaidya, was part of a campaign to promote condom use and educate the general public about HIV prevention.

After the 2006 event the condom chain was placed in storage in the UNESCO archives. In light of UNESCO Bangkok’s “Story of Love” exhibit scheduled to open in early-July at the National Science Museum of Thailand, the “Condom Chain of Life” has been transformed into the “Condom Ball of Life”.

Staff and interns from the HIV Coordination, Adolescent Reproductive and School Health unit wrapped the chain of condoms into a 20 kg masterpiece, which will be on display at the museum’s exhibit.

UNESCO Bangkok and the National Science Museum of Thailand, with the support of Thai Health Promotion (SSS) and UNAIDS, and in collaboration with UNIFEM, Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation (WHAF) and others, developed the comprehensive exhibit on healthy sexuality to address the mounting reproductive and sexual health issues specific to adolescents in Thailand.

The exhibition provides awareness and knowledge to adolescents on all aspects of healthy sexuality, including the prevention of adolescent pregnancy, love and romance, gender identity, reproductive health, contraception and HIV/AIDS.

The “Story of Love” aims to deliver an engaging, appealing and entertaining approach to sex education by showcasing accurate, factual and unbiased information using interactive multimedia display elements including games and quizzes and hands-on exposure to condoms.

The goal of the exhibition is to engage adolescents in the discussion of healthy sexuality. Students visiting the exhibition will receive information on how to access UNESCO’s healthy sexuality website where they will find a wealth of information on all aspects of sexuality, including information not discussed in the exhibition. The “Story of Love” is scheduled to open in early July at the National Science Museum of Thailand.

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Written by Krista Clement