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National Seminar on TVET Policy in Cambodia

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and with technical support from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MoLVT) is organising a national seminar on TVET policy in Cambodia. The event will be held at the Sunway Hotel in Phnom Penh on 10 April 2012.

A Cambodian man making handicrafts for sale at his house in the Srah Srang village © UNESCO/Sothy Tang Chhin

The seminar provides a platform for sharing the findings and recommendations from the TVET Policy Review conducted by UNESCO in the country in 2011. It also aims to strengthen partnership among government, non-government, public and private sector stakeholders. In addition, international and regional TVET policy experiences, challenges and good practices will also be shared to enrich the policy dialogue among participants. The event will be chaired by H.E Pich Sophoan, Vice Chairman of the National Training Board (NTB) and MoLVT Secretary of State.

The expected outcomes of the seminar include the sharing, discussion and agreement on policy and strategic recommendations from the TVET Policy Review, the enhancement of national dialogue on skills development, including improved coordination between stakeholders to improve the provision of quality TVET programmes and the documentation and dissemination of good practices and experiences in TVET.

The seminar will bring together approximately 60 participants, including officials and representatives from the MoLVT, the MoEYS and line ministries, the National Employment Agency (NEA), TVET experts, specialists from the Technical Directorate Generals and Departments, NGOs, the private sector (employers, technical and vocational training institutions) and development partners.

"This national seminar is the apex of UNESCO's efforts to review the country's TVET system and policies in order to make them more attuned to the needs of the Cambodian people", says Youngsup Choi, UNESCO Bangkok's Programme Specialist in TVET. "The event will not only provide us the opportunity to share the findings we obtained during the Review, but more importantly it is the perfect venue to engage stakeholders and solicit their collective commitment to improve TVET in Cambodia".

In 2010, the Royal Government of Cambodia agreed with UNESCO to carry out a TVET Policy Review in Cambodia to provide a foundation for the ongoing policy dialogue between the two parties. Following this agreement, UNESCO and the Cambodian government jointly undertook preparatory work for the Policy Review during the early months of 2011. The key outcomes of the preparatory phase of the Review were the establishment of focal points in the MoEYS and in the MoLVT, the agreement on the analytical framework for the intended policy review and the clarification of the key steps of the review process (stocktaking mission, policy dialogue and capacity building, validation and policy endorsement).

A fact-finding mission to Cambodia was conducted in June 2011 by an expert team composed of two staff from UNESCO Phnom Penh Field Office (Sun Lei and Nimol Soth), one representative from UNESCO Headquarters TVET Section (Borhene Chakroun), one representative from UNESCO Bangkok (Youngsup Choi) and two external experts (Professors Alan Brown and Jean-Jacques Paul). 

UNESCO will formally present a comprehensive report of the TVET Policy Review to the Royal Government of Cambodia at the seminar. The final report will be made available following the conclusion of the event. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Santosh Khatri (s.khatri(at), Mr. Nimol Soth (n.soth(at), Mr. Youngsup Choi (ys.choi(at) or Ms. Mary Anne Therese Manuson (m.manuson(at) You can visit the UNESCO Phnom Penh Office website at

Meeting Documents:

Concept Note



Policy Development on Skills (Carmela Torres, ILO)

TVET Policy in Cambodia (H.E. Laov Him, Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training)

School-to-Work Transition Information Bases (Youngsup Choi, UNESCO Bangkok)

Validation (Borhene Chakroun, TVET Section, UNESCO Headquarters)