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Ethics of Nuclear Technology and the Future of Nuclear Weapons to be discussed at UNESCO Bangkok

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Bangkok, 18 January 2011 – The Mayors for Peace initiative and the 2020 campaign for the abolition of nuclear weapons, Mr. Steven Leeper, Chairperson, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, Japan will give a special talk at a UNESCO Forum “Ethics of Nuclear Technology and the Future of Nuclear Weapons” at UNESCO Bangkok on 20 Janualry 2011.

H.E. Ambassador Gibson from Republic of South Africa, the Office of Atoms for Peace, Ms. Suman Rao, Founder-Risk Analytics and Solutions (RIANSO) from India, and experts from Thailand will also make presentations on the topics.

Mr. Darryl Macer, Regional Adviser for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific will represent UNESCO to present a draft UNESCO report on Ethics of Nuclear Energy Technologies. Please find programme attached.

The ethical issues of the use of nuclear energy technologies need to be discussed from different cultural and political perspectives. In the Asia-Pacific region there are a number of countries exploring nuclear energy technology, as globally. Also the debates over the use of nuclear weapons have recently been activated with the possibility that there may be international agreement to abolish nuclear weapons, with a target date of 2020. Several countries have made conscious decisions not to develop nuclear weapons, and a few have given up former programs to develop nuclear weapons. At the same time, some other states have developed nuclear deterrent for their defence strategy.

In this event, UNESCO as a neutral forum to examine ethics of science and technology will discuss these issues. How can we enhance sharing of the benefits of science and technology? As we emerge from the Decade of the Culture of Peace (2000-2010) how can we build upon efforts to promote peace and dialogue among peoples? There will be no declaration adopted in the meeting, nor accusations against any member state or entity, however the constructive dialogue will explore roles that UNESCO may explore in the future programme of activities on peaceful uses of science and technology, and mutual understanding of ethics and culture.

UNESCO is also working on a report on Ethics of Nuclear Energy Technology, which examines ethical issues of nuclear energy as one of the choices for countries. A copy of that draft report can be downloaded from:

For further information and registration, please email your name and details to the Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific (RUSHSAP), UNESCO Bangkok, email:, Tel. 02-391-0577 x 147.


Tentative Agenda

UNESCO Bangkok Press Release No.2011