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UNESCO and Korea to promote education for sustainable development and lifelong learning

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok, Changwon city in the Republic of Korea and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) will work together promoting education for sustainable development and lifelong learning.

©Korean National Commission for UNESCO

©Korean National Commission for UNESCO

Recognizing the need to address the relationship between education and urbanization in the fast developing Asia-Pacific region and to strengthen regional and sub-regional cooperation, the parties recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).   

The parties will collaborate for the purposes of promoting and supporting mutually beneficial activities including a regional programme on educational development and the future of cities in the Asia-Pacific region and initiatives related to the education for sustainable development and lifelong learning with relevant networks both within and outside the Asia-Pacific region. 

UNESCO, Changwon and KNCU will jointly launch a relevant project and, within the framework of this cooperation, provide to the partners technical and administrative support.


Changwon is one of the leading industrial cities in the Republic of Korea, which is actively participating in the development of global cities with special attention to education and sustainable development. With expertise in policy areas such as education and environment, in collaboration with 14 different international organizations, Changwon promotes local action for global sustainability and lifelong learning to become sustainable, resource-efficient, bio-diverse and inclusive; 

Korean National Commission for UNESCO takes a creative and practical approach to act as a facilitator for UNESCO’s overall goals, it organizes UNESCO-related activities through development of diverse partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations at the national, regional and international levels; 

As the Regional Bureau for Education, UNESCO Bangkok provides strategic expertise, advisory, monitoring and evaluation functions to Member States, other UNESCO Field Offices and UN Country Teams in the area of Education, including the support of national policies and reforms in the Education sector.