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UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education

UNESCO is organizing an international forum on global citizenship education in Bangkok from 2-4 December 2013 under the theme of “Global Citizenship Education: Preparing learners for the challenges of the 21st Century”.

Empowering young learners with the skills and competencies they need to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and interconnected world will be the focus of the first international UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in support of the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) launched in September 2012 by the UN Secretary-General.

Fostering Global Citizenship has been identified as one of the three priorities of GEFI, and the event organized in support of this initiative will bring together policy-makers, education experts, NGO representatives and key stakeholders including young people from across the world to discuss concrete measures that can be taken to incorporate GCE into education systems.

The objectives of the UNESCO forum on GCE include the following:

• Share experiences of policies, research and practice relating to the emerging area of GCE including trends, innovations and current debates from the perspective of a range of key stakeholders
• Advance conceptual thinking, content, definitional and measurement issues and characteristics of good quality GCE that can provide leadership and support for action by the education sector’s strengthened engagement
• Provide a platform for intellectual debate among education professionals that will support future interactions and efforts to advance the GCE agenda

The Forum will focus on four main domains: pedagogical issues and the education sector; sustainable development; peace, rights and conflict prevention; and youth and community engagement.

Each of these themes will be addressed in plenary sessions, raising some of the overarching challenges facing the implementation of GCE at the country and global levels.  These issues will be further explored in concurrent sessions on specific topics, such as the role of global citizenship education in peacebuilding and conflict prevention, youth empowerment, and assessing competences related to GCE in learners.

The session, “Learning to Live Together through GCE” will feature the preliminary findings from a cross-country study conducted by the Education Policy and Reform Unit at UNESCO Bangkok, analyzing how different countries in the Asia-Pacific region are promoting the concepts of peace and diversity through their education systems. The country cases on Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Philippines provide rare insights into these educational systems.

The forum will provide a platform to share successes in implementing GCE, while also offering a base for the development of a network to provide long-term support for its implementation at the national and global levels.

The Bangkok forum builds on a technical consultation meeting jointly organized by UNESCO and the Republic of Korea held in Seoul in September 2013, which brought together experts to clarify the global and regionally specific contexts that have prompted GCE to become a key priority for the education sector.

For more information, please contact Danily Padilla [d.padilla(at)] at the Education for Sustainable Development Unit.

Written by Yujin Ahn [ya.ahn(at)]

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