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UNESCO Regional Knowledge Platform Unveiled!

We are pleased to announce that a new digital knowledge sharing tool dedicated to national education systems and policies in the Asia-Pacific region (called NESPAP Open Platform) is now available!

The NESPAP Open Platformwas designed by the UNESCO Bangkok's Education Policy Reform (EPR) Unit to promote information sharing on national education policy and practice and to reinforce collaboration and networking among different education stakeholders.

This Platform aims to support sharing and exchange of resources, experiences and expertise among policy makers and practitioners, researchers, civil society  and all interested  in education development  from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. 

The NESPAP Open Platform consists of three complementary databases: 1) digital resources; 2) a database of experts and institutions, and; 3) a discussion forum.  It will be updated regularly and enriched gradually through the participation and contribution of various stakeholders.

Registration in the platform will allow you to consult all of the available resources, access our expert and institutional databases, and to participate in group discussions on education policy and practice. You are also invited to upload documents and post information about your work or the work of your institution. Documents and other resources highlighting major education policies, programmes and initiatives in your country, education innovations, research and your own work, will be extremely valuable and beneficial to all.

We will continue improving the platform over the following months. You can also contact us through the platform for any questions you may have and to provide further information.

We count on your support and contribution and hope that NESPAP Open Platform will be a useful tool to optimize collaboration and initiatives with various education actors and the strengthening of education development moving forward.  

For more information, please contact Marlene Cruz-Zegarra [m.cruz(at)] at the Education Policy and Reform Unit.

Written by Marlene Cruz-Zegarra[m.cruz(at)]