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Global Action Week lesson plan and drawing contest!

Ms. Ezza Tariq, Pakistan

UNESCO Bangkok, in collaboration with partners of UNGEI East Asia and Pacific (EAP), has facilitated the adaptation and translation of the lesson plan for the Global Action Week on EFA (2-8 May). This lesson plan is meant to be used by teachers/trainers to sensitize their pupils and students on issues of gender equality in education and beyond. 

We encourage you to download and implement the lesson plan during this year's Global Action Week or even thereafter. Within the lesson plan, we have also introduced the 2011 Drawing Contest on the theme: "How does girls' education help us all?" which you can also help disseminate.

The lesson plan and drawing contest's flyer can be downloaded below (click on the languages) and from the UNGEI website at: 

The lesson plan is or will be available in the following languages:

- Bahasa Indonesia
- Bengali 
- Chinese
- English
- Hindi 
- Japanese 
- Khmer
- Korean
- Lao
- Marathi
- Mongolian
- Myanmar
- Nepali
- Pidgin 
- Sinhala
- Tagalog 
- Tamil
- Tetun 
- Thai
- Urdu
- Vietnamese

Please feel free to forward this link to schools and communities in your country.  Also, check out what else is being done during Global Action Week around the world!

This article was jointly prepared with the EAP UNGEI Secretariat